I am very honoured and grateful to have interviewed Jack Kruse, I have been a big fan since first coming across his work in my studies. I believe he is revolutionising the medical industry from the inside out. I cant recommend his website highly enough, and to top it off he has wrote a very informative book. 


Topics discussed;

Principals to laws of nature; Light, Water & Magnetism
Cold Adaption - Semi Conduction
www.jackkruse.com Lepton Prescription / Cold Thermogenesis Protocol
Light - Environmental mismatch
Cortisol & Melatonin cycle
Body Clock
Inflammation due circadian mismatch
Electromagnetic Spectrum to the Environment
Explosion of Neolithic Disease
Technology Boom 40 years deep
March 15th 2013 EMF Frequent Questions
Electro Magnetic Fields 
Tips with reducing EMF
Amber Glasses Blue Blocker
Efflux computer program
City of Nashville not a good place to live, from EMF standpoint
House Built close to Gulf of Mexico
No Wifi Signal in House
Water Supplied by Personal Well
Turn Off Breakers for electricity in house
Access to Grass Feed meet
No Microwave
No Light in Sleeping Quarters
Access to Walk on Grass
Read at Night Time
Spend time in Sunshine 
Commercial Grade Icemaker
CT 20 - 30min a day
CT increases in September through Winter with Season
Cold Bedroom
Eat like a Great White Shark - FAT PROTEIN Little Carbohydrates 
Cold Room Helps Sleep
Cold Adaption isn't Hard Just try it
Warm/Cold Beneficial When Cold Adapted & Healthy
Recovery From Surgery /Sports 
Cold 2-3 Weeks before Surgery
Hormones Healing Potential
Red Light Therapy - Huge Benefits to Athletes
Shining Red Light During Surgery 
Optimal Sports Recovery Tips For Skiers
Why Ketones are better source then Glucose 
Ketoses isn't bad
Mothers Milk - Fat Protein
Human Brian not fully developed until 25 years old.
Brain needs Ketones - High Fat Moderate Protein Low Carb
Water Liquid Sunshine
Autism Leaky Gut
Auto Immune Disease - Electro Magnetic Field in the Environment.

What is coming up in the next few months over at www.jackkruse.com