I recently had the pleasure of catching up with Dr Arne Rubinstein and picking his prodigious mind about rites of passage. We discussed transformational processes (particularly the transition of boys to men), the role of mentors and story-telling in sporting communities, the effects of digital technology on humans, and much more! It was a fascinating conversation and I am honoured to have the privilege of sharing it with all of you.

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And here is link to his ebook which I highly recommend and he goes into a lot more detail on topics covered;


I got the pleasure of catching up with Warren Williams in London prior to heading over to Australia, Warren has worked with many top level professional athletes including Emile Heskey. I was delighted to pick his brain and listen to his approach to coaching top level executives and professional athletes.


Show Notes;


About Warrens Background
2:15 Theme Injury prevention;
What would you recommend for the standard worker that sits down to prevent injury?
Key point; 
Breathing properly, functional abdominal wall, functional abdominal while standing, Learning how to train functionally and balancing front and back of body.
What level of frequency would a competitive amateur athlete require to train to maintain health?
Make training specific to sport, preseason focus on support muscles; patterns and overall strength, breathing and overall strength of body.
In season less on base condition yet 30min sessions on focused excursuses.
For the standard base level of health for a person that sits down a lot, with closed shoulders and forward head posture would would you suggest to improve health.
Breathing, prone cobras, balance the body. 
Respiration is critical for nutritional intake.
Morning routine and Breathing
Breath in relation to lifetime age
Anxious feelings in relation to breath
Stressed sympathetic survival state breathing and breathing exerciese
One Minute incredible breathing retune;
"Every breath is a hug to your internal organ" 
Troy Caseys; Breathing Routine 8888
8seconds Inhale, hold for 8seconds, 8seconds breath out then hold for 8seconds.
Great for diaphragm conditioning
Deep Belly breathing, consider babies
19min; Shoulder Pain in relation to breathing
Anxiety in relation to breath
20min; Truth Bomb; "90% of western world are constipated."
Breathing in relation to digestion
Breathing squats as functional exercise for breath and digestion
23min; Breakfast Suggestion - Alternative to Porridge and Tea
Why starving yourself in the morning causes you to put on weight,
Toxic waste in relation to fat storage.
Eating largest meal in the morning.
27:30Examples of transitioning to a healthy breakfast
Importance of proteins in the morning
Slow regulated fuel as source of energy
31 Coffee
Milk and quality of coffee in commercial shops
Mastitis in commercial Diaries
Raw milk and coffee
Coffee addiction in modern living
Power Tea And Energy Requirements
37;00 State of Happiness
"Success is getting what you want, happiness wanting what you get"
"If you have no direction in life any path with get you there."
Core Values
Living your dream-Passion
Establishing Core Values for;
All your relationships, family, friends, partner
Personal Lifestyle
Supporting your dream
Visualisation exercise to live your dream
44 Tips Nurse/nightshift workers
Set shifts to balance body rhythm
Bare feet on grass


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What can I say, well Donal Carr is a great guy. I have spoken to him on a number of occasions and each time he impresses me more.


Topics discussed;
Introduction Donal’s background
Food and Nutrition 
Working In
Cold Work Benefits
Sitting Down - Ergonomics - Swiss Ball

-Anti Biotic Recovery
-Core Values
-Goal Setting
What’s next for Donal Carr
Books mentioned 

Paul Chek - How to Eat Move and be Healthy

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